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Custom Anodizing

3 Color Splash PBGun

Paintball Gun     Bicycle Parts

                                                                                                  Earl's Fuel Fittings

                                                                    Ano Colors              Putter Heads                   


                               Stud Girdle                           

Anodize your polished, brushed, or bead blasted aluminum parts or we can

perform the prep for you!

We specialize in small jobs most other anodizers won't accept.

Fast Turnaround!

Custom Colors and Color Matching available!

Anodized Graphics, Fire, Fades, Acid Washes and Splashes!

Custom Masking now Available!

Complete Metal Polishing Service and Beadblasting

                                  Polished Paintball Gun                                 


Individual attention to every part!


16 Colors Available!

Black, Violet, Blue, Fast Blue, Deep Red, Orange, Yellow,

Florescent Yellow, Brown, Bronze, Gold, Green, Lime Green, Olive Drab, Grey, Clear


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